Which is the degree of AgriNIR’s accuracy and why are frequent measurement on Dry matter necessary?

Our AgriNIRTM analysis equipment has a 2% accuracy on moisture and 3% on all the other parameters (STARCH, CRUDE PROTEIN, ASH, ADF and NDF) while traditional laboratory analysis equipment can guarantee an accuracy that is 1,5% for moisture and 2% for all the other parameters.

Why it is possible to introduce a new forage category as requested by the client?

Based on our experience, if we have available 100 samples representative of the variability present on the territory (well distributed in the area where the AgriNIRTM is used) we can develop a stable calibration.

Are the formulas for the parameters sugar, phosphorus and potassium loadable on the AgriNIR (TM) software?

We can create calibration curves for all parameters that can be mathematically calculated on the basis of the existing nutrients predicted by AgriNIRTM. 

When making the single analysis (not multiple) with the sample (without even taking it from the box and putting back), predictions are different, deviation is within 5% - why is it so?

Regarding the deviation that has been recognized performing single analysis on samples, it is quite normal in case of material not homogeneous (as it is for example hay).

How to manage the sample cup while do you perform analysis?

In order to obtain accurate and repeatable predictions by AgriNIRTM machine it is important to take the sample’s cup outside from the AgriNIRTM machine between analysis.

Which languages does the DTM (TM) support?

The DTMTM is a multi language software so it provides you the possibility to work with several languages.

Is it possible to create customizable report on demand?

The DTMTM gives you the possibility to have the report about the recipes and the loading program or about the execution of the recipes or unloading program you executed on the Scale mounted on the Feed Mixer.

How are the manual weighing managed?

The Scale, which is installed on the Feed mixer, gives you the possibility to save on the memory card (if it is connected) the actual weight of the feed, actually present on the feed mixer.

How are ingredient and cost managed?

The DTMTM gives you the possibility to define the costs for each ingriedent, so when you create a recipe you will know the total cost related to each ingriedent and the total cost for the recipe.

Is it possible to associate one group to one recipe?

The DTMTM gives you the possibility to insert all the groups of your animals and you can link one group to one or more than one recipe.

How to manage the loading program?

The DTMTM gives you the possibility to define two kinds of recipes:

How to manage the unloading program?

The DTMTM gives you the possibility to define the unloading program, so after loading the feed on feed mixer, you can decide how to discharge the feed.

Is it possible to store the load and unload "Execution"?

The DTMTM gives you to show all the executions stored by the dinamica generale Weighing System; as a matter of fact you can transfer the recipes and the unloading program into a memory card.

Is it possible to get the execution data from the Scale?

If the memory card is connected to the Scale, the weight box saves a lot of details as the effective loaded quantity for each component.

How can I track the costs?

Consulting the details of your executions, you can see that the DTMTM shows you the details about the Programmed costs and the Effective costs.

Does the DTM (TM) notices the operator error?

The operation of loading and unloading are executed by an operator that drives the feed mixer.
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