Is it possible to register the operator and track the driving?

In this case you can define an account related to each operator, that will be transferred on the memory card. 

Wich are the steps to be carried out if the DTM (TM) does not recognize the card?

You must check if the COM port is correct in the hardware management and you must plug and unplug the card.

Why buy the mobile load cells instead of the shear beam industrial?

Because they provide a strong and accurate load sensing device at reasonable costs; the robustness of the mobile cells is ideal for mobile applications, such as feed mixers, grain carts or others

Why vehicles weighing in motion?

Dina3 Axle Scales are mobile, reliable and high-capacity weighing devices.

What is the accuracy of the Dina3 "Checker/OIML" Systems?

The accuracy is +/-1% of the vehicle weight in dynamic mode and +/-0,5% of the vehicle's weight in static mode. Remember that the accuracy is depending on the site construction. It's strongly recommended to follow DG's instructions to build the site casting.

Which type of vehicles can I weigh?

With the inground installation or extra-leveller you can weigh any kind of vehicles. By using the ramps you can basically weigh two axles vehicles.

What is the maximum allowed speed on the platforms?

The suggested speed is 1-3km/h.

Can I set a client code?

Client code can be set through the CMD key. A Tare value is associated to a client code and stored in memory.

How can I export weighing data?

The indicator can be directly connected to a PC through serial port;

Are the weighing data stored in the indicator?

All the weighing session are stored in the "Weighing History" (CMD key) and can be recalled at any time.

How must the system be calibrated during the installation?

Platforms are calibrated in our factory before delivery. 

How can I change the language on the display?

Press "Enter" during the indicator's start up. In this way, you will enter "System Configuration" menu. 

What happens if "ERR02-Too Few Data" is displayed?

It means that the movement of the vehicle was not constant on the platforms.

What happens if the message "Wrong Platform identification" is displayed?

Check that both cables are connected properly to the platforms and to the indicator.

What happens if the message "Platforms Cables Inverted" is displayed?

Switch the unit off, invert the platforms cables and switch the unit on again.
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