The world has been loaned  to us<br /> by our children
The world has been loaned to us
by our children
At Dinamica Generale we feel strongly about this statement and we continue to build a solid platform from which we can pass on our guiding principles to our future generation.

Social commitment

Reporting platform

In compliance with Legislative Decree No. 24/2023 Dinamica Generale has implemented a channel at the following link:

For reports of any wrongdoing or conduct contrary to the principles of the Code of Ethics and the Organization and Control Model of the same company prepared pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.

This platform makes it possible to manage the information related to the reports and to respect the confidentiality of the data of the reporting parties.

Gender equality policy

We have always been focused to the inclusion and welfare of workers.

This is why we decided to embark on the path to Gender Equality Certification, adopting the guidelines of UNI PdR 125/2022.
Certification we obtained in November 2023, thanks to our respect for workers' rights and constant attention to everyone's needs.
Aware that Gender Equality is not just a slogan, but something tangible and measurable, we know that we have not reached the finish line.
Here begins a new journey that will inspire us to ensure a discrimination-free work environment where the word "improvement" will be the order of the day.
Download the certificate for gender equality.

Gender equality policy

Dinamica Generale is glad to share the Gender Equality Policy and Social Responsibility Policy. Being able to ensure an inclusive and peaceful work environment is a core value for us. 
Download the gender equality policy in PDF format.
Social commitment

Supplier conduct code

Dinamica Generale promotes excellence and integrity

Dinamica Generale is pleased to present the New Supplier Code of Conduct, consisting of clear and challenging guidelines to promote a strong, values-based partnership with its suppliers. The company's goal is to create a responsible and sustainable supply chain based on operational excellence and business integrity.

The company's core values are at the heart of everything it does. For this reason, Dinamica Generale is committed to high ethical standards and to promoting responsible behavior within its supplier network. The new Supplier conduct code is designed to reflect these values and set out the clear expectations it expects of its business partners.
Download the supplier conduct code in PDF format
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