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Field Trace is the specialized software for managing precision farming operations from soil preparation up to harvesting.
All data are collected into the Big Data Cloud Software to turn real-time field information into actionable decisions
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  • Input ingredients and agronomic products for precise cost traceability
  • Input machineries and operators
  • Manage customers, field names and coordinates, import data for each field
  • Fleet management
  • Nutrient management and moisture variability
  • Field process traceability
  • View field maps and tasks
  • Generate prescription maps
  • Detailed reports
  • Operators’ control
  • Multi-Stock management
  • Sales and purchases management
  • Exchange data between office and field using USB flash drive or wirelessly
  • Download Granular data from the in-cab indicator using USB flash drive or wirelessly
  • CLOUD version available
  • Simultaneous connection of multiple users
  • Multi language interface
  • Online Help
  • Software update via Internet
  • Tablet/Smartphone compatible


Software Version Data Exchange Hardware
FIELD Trace CLOUD 3G modem - USB FIELD Scale - NIR On Board
3G modem - Flash memory card Evo NIR

Start using your FIELD TRACE software it's easy: register your software online and get the FIELD TRACE license activation by the following steps:
  • Create you profile registering personal data on:
  • Register the product license typing the serial number of your FIELD TRACE;
  • Wait for license activation file.


The license (1 year validity) entitles FIELD TRACE license subscribers to benefit from the following services:
  • FIELD TRACE software updates via the Internet 
  • Direct support by phone and remote access during business hours

The Field Trace License subscription includes all benefits for a period of 12 months from the License activation date.  At the end of each 12 months coverage, the License subscription is renewable for another 12 months. If License is not renewed, for Cloud versions, the usage of software will be suspended and Licensee will no longer receive the benefits described above.

  • Optimise field practices and save time by wirelessly transferring data from software to in-cab indicator
  • Make better decisions thanks to seamlessly integration of yield data, georeferencing maps, aerial digital photography, soil maps, weather stations data and NIR Analysis
  • Improve crop quality and yield bottom line

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