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Take the guesswork out of producing high quality bales and silages with outstanding accuracy. The excellent traceability, the exact knowledge about harvested quality, is a great advantage for dairy farmers when
preparing feed for their livestock or for sale. As a result, farmers will provide high quality feed every day with the consistency that is so important for livestock.
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• In-cab Indicator: NIR On Board
• Geolocation: GPS antenna
• Data Exchange: 3G Modem
• NIR Analyzer: EvoNIR
• Data Management: Field Trace Cloud Software
• Virtual Terminal
• 3G Modem
• EvoNIR
• Cella flat
• Baler controller
• TAG baler

NIR + Weighing:

• Virtual Terminal
• 3G modem
• EvoNIR
• Flat cell
• Baler controller
• Sensor logic
• Docking station   
• Define the real quality of each bale during harvesting
• Get higher prices for bales being sold 
• Calculate the right amount of inoculants to spray on bales
• Provide decision making info for each bale in terms of nutrients to feed animals

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