Slurry tanker

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Slurry tanker
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Precise spreading of slurry according to predetermined crop nutrient requirements and legal regulations is now possible using near infrared sensor technology by Dinamica Generale. get a quote
System components
  • In-cab Indicator: NIR On Board
  • Sensors: Load Cells
  • Geolocation: GPS antenna
  • NIR Analyzer: EvoNIR
  • Data Management: Field Trace Cloud Software

DLG certified product for use on Slurry Tankers

• Evo nir                                                                                                                                    
• Docking station
• Modem
• Virtual terminal      
  • More precise application of plant nutrient balances in forage maize, grass, wheat
  • Immediate information available
  • Enables automatic rate control based on kg/ton of nutrient ingradients
  • Easier and more precise slurry documentation for local regulations compliance
  • Cost savings on:
    • mineral fertilisers
    • sampling costs
  • Increasing profitability and cash flow: invoice on quality not quantity

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