Forage Harvester

Forage Harvester
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Perform real time analysis of dry matter and nutrients during harvesting and instantly observe data on your cabin indicator. The NIR Scanner installed on the spout of forage harvesters can also feature both the ISOBUS or J1939 protocol to exchange and display data on main Universal Terminal (UT) and Virtual Terminal (VT). get a quote
• In-cab Indicator: NIR On Board
• Geolocation: GPS antenna
• Data Exchange: 3G Modem
• NIR Analyzer: EvoNIR
• Data Management: Field Trace Cloud Software
• Virtual Terminal
• 3G Modem
• EvoNIR
• GPS Antenna
• Docking Station
• Full knowledge of harvested crop quality
• Providing optimal prediction of biogas plant performance
• Offers higher milk output, improved animal welfare and increased profitability 
• Fit all makes of forage harvesters

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