EvoNIR 4.0 More Technology and Connectivity

Poggio Rusco, 12/02/2021

DLG has certified EvoNIR 4.0 for Cow Slurry (DM, Ntotal, P205) and for Pig Slurry (Ntotal, K2O).

Contractors, Growers and farmers can now rely on a new generation of EvoNIR analyzer for smooth, precise and reliable operations in the field. The Dinamica Generale EvoNIR 4.0 sensing technology analyzes forage, silage, slurry and grains to provide reliable analysis for important nutrient constituents to help producers manage their daily activity in the field.

Among main system improvements, the next generation hardware board with built-in predictive engine based on machine learning technology boosts real-time predictions accuracy. This also enables the analyzer to collect large amount of data for remote monitoring and serviceability; Dinamica Generale IoT platform can detect performance of every analyzer thus delivering prompt alerts to customers worldwide.

These new improvements are aiming to make life easier to customers reducing manual operations through the automatic transferring of application data and spectra, as well as automatic updates of firmware and calibrations.

The new EvoNIR 4.0 can be recognized from its color, the new analyzer comes with a special coating called “reflective white” with pigments that reflect light to keep the sensor temperature under control.  

EvoNIR 4.0 is connected to the new Kali Connection Hub (KCH). Using the KCH platform, application data can be wirelessly sent to the Field trace Cloud software and they can be shared with trusted advisors. Data can also be displayed on VT via ISOBUS connection or to the Field track app for real-time mapping in the cab. 
The new EvoNIR 4.0 allows contractors to get the most for their daily job and provide valuable data to their customers. EvoNIR 4.0 is the most versatile NIR analyzer as can be mounted on forage harvesters, combines, balers, forage wagons, slurry tankers, compactors, feed mixers and portable in a carrying case.

DINAMICA GENERALE is a leading global manufacturer of weighing systems, electronic sensors, customizable solutions and global leader in NIR technology. The company with headquarters in Italy, was founded in 1990 and is now a respected name throughout the globe for quality, innovation and reliability. 

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