Unleash the power of data with EvoNIR and Field track


Unleash the power of data with EvoNIR and Field track
1) Run efficient operations from harvest to animal feeding
Being the top in terms of efficiency, means preparing harvest season in advance. Successful growers and contractors install equipment and technology before the season begins. EvoNIR is one of the most tried and tested technology that provides accurate results with different crops. EvoNIR takes the guesswork out of producing high quality silage with outstanding accuracy.
This valuable real-time information translates into excellent traceability, a great advantage for dairy farmers when preparing feed with mixers for their livestock or for sale. They will be able to precisely adjust rations in order to match their nutritionists’ feeding recommendations. As a result, farmers will provide high quality feed every day with the consistency that is so important for livestock.

Add to this real-time measurement, with Field track app you can caontrol quality map in real-time from your mobile. The system brings also has the advantage to transform the way farmers manage their feedstocks and plan their future choice of crop varieties. The data provided by the EvoNIR system is also very valuable for the biogas industry, which uses the exact crop composition to fine tune the biogas production process. Dinamica Generale recommends updating calibrations once a year, with the EvoNIR system this can be easily done through the NIR Evolution Cloud Software. The data collected by the EvoNIR system are quickly transferred to the farm’s PC wirelessly. Here with Field trace Cloud Software you can easily print statistics, compare crops year after year, review performance thanks to many reports available.
2) Track the most accurate yield throughout harvest with EvoNIR
It is hard to keep track of yield without the right tools, successful farms go further and determine moisture and nutrients on-the-go to understand the full picture of their harvest season. 
These progressive growers and contractors have a leg up towards traditional ones: they are using EvoNIR and negotiate the price of forages and hay by quality and not only by quantity, getting higher prices and increasing their profits bottom line.
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3) Working Hard or Working Smart?
Every farm must plan their operations, track accurate yield sources, and stay in tune with their crop inventory balances to be successful. Top growers using EvoNIR technology sustain their advantage over time, and these gains compound themselves because they find ways to keep improving efficiency. Read customer quotes.
Main Advantages of the EvoNIR  System
  • Real time analysis with indication of average DM for each field/truck
  • EvoNIR fits all makes of forage harvesters/combines
  • In addition to dry matter content, EvoNIR predicts crude protein, starch, ash and fiber (ADF/NDF, which are important nutrient factors in livestock feed).
  • Increase the profit negotiating the price by quality and not only by quantity
  • Controlling removal of nutrients from fields during harvesting enables to plan ahead specific actions (e.g. fertilization)
  • Measure the value of starch contained in the harvested material enables making a prediction of gas production for biogas plants
Harvest season has so many moving parts, EvoNIR  technology can help improve your efficiency by turning data into actionable insights. Learn more about how Dinamica Generale can help you run a more efficient harvest.
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