Precision slurry application with EvoNIR technology

precision slurry


Precise application of slurry according to pre-determined crop nutrient requirements and regulations is crucial for farmers and growers. 
Preventing soil and water pollution, reducing emissions as well as increase resilience to climate change is a key factor to be.
Dinamica Generale developed the EvoNIR sensor technology with a clear objective: use one sensor for different applications. EvoNIR mounted on slurry tankers is the right tool for measuring nitrogen (N), phosphorus pentoxide (P205), potassium oxide (K2O) on the go.
Many farmers spread animal slurry on their crops, what is the main advantages of using the EvoNIR technology on slurry tankers?
  • Granular analysis and real time quality map tracking 
  • Analyzing batch of slurry in advance with EvoNIR Near Infra-Red Sensor makes spreading more accurate
  • More precise application of plant nutrient balances in forage maize, grass, wheat
  • Immediate information available
  • Enables automatic rate control based on kg/ton of nutrient
  • Easier and more precise slurry documentation for local regulations compliance
  • Cost savings on mineral fertilizer and sampling costs
  • Increasing profitability and cash flow: selling kg of Nitrogen instead of tons of slurry
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Why measuring nutrients in slurry is so important

There is a very large variation of dry matter and nutrients in animal slurry. The variation depends on the type of animal, forage and water mixing. For more precise fertilization application, monitoring slurry prior to spreading at the farm would be advantageous.

Farmers and contractors could avoid excessive fertilization and losses of nutrients, which is beneficial for both environment and the farm economy. Although there is the possibility to sample slurry basins for laboratory analysis, representative sampling is not an easy task and stirring of the basins may not be sufficient to ensure homogeneity between spreader loads. Analyzing the slurry quality on-line at a point of narrow passage of the slurry (pipe for filling the spreader or a transport pipe on the spreader during spreading) is the task accomplished by the EvoNIR sensor developed by Dinamica Generale.
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