Dinamica Generale improves air quality in the company to protect people.


High quality, well-filtered air is of paramount importance to maintaining the health of workers, staff, and visitors.

In close areas like a manufacturing company, it can be easy for bacteria and viruses to be transported through the air.
Dinamica Generale cares about the health of its employees and decides to ensure the safety and comfort of all employees, visitors, and staff. Air quality is a huge factor when it comes to ensuring standards of hygiene, safety, and comfort are met.

Importance of a dust-free active sanitization system within the company

All company departments will benefit from the new sanitizing system that ultimately benefits all people health.
Dinamica Generale decided to work with an approved business to provide an innovative technology called PCO ™ (Photocatalytic Oxidation). Such technology developed and used in the aerospace field for the sanitizing spaces for space exploration, uses UV rays and some noble metals to generate hydroxyl radicals and peroxide molecules of hydrogen capable of destroying most of the contaminants like bacteria, viruses, molds, allergens and odors.

Compliance with medical industry standards is a must for Dinamica Generale.

Dinamica Generale medical division specialized in manufacturing weighing smart sensors for intensive care equipment, dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, compounders and infusion pumps to name but a few, decided to take a step forward towards air sanitization systems to safeguard and protect even further medical department employees and its specific productions from contaminants.

The new sanitizing systems carry out a number of functions that serve to benefit company environments:

    Protecting employees, visitors, and staff – We not only need to prevent the spread of potential airborne disease and infections but also to maintain a clean, comfortable environment for health and working purposes.

•    Preserving air quality – Keeping air clean and safe is important in our company. Ventilation systems are planned with employee and customer care in mind and will consider the different temperature requirements of numerous areas of the company, as well as the restricted or eliminating the movement of any dangerous airborne particles.
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