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NIR Evolution: Cloud-based NIR data management software

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Evolve your NIR analyzer performance from good to great!

NIR EVOLUTION is a cloud software provided with the purchase of every NIR analyzer manufactured by Dinamica Generale.

The use of NIR EVOLUTION enables to perform: initial verification of your NIR analyzer.
calibration updates to keep your analyzer always reliable
alignment of your NIR analyzer with test lab to ensure always accurate analysis
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Control your NIR analyzer with the NIR Evolution cloud software

To obtain accurate analysis NIR Evolution is the essential tool. Dinamica Generale recommends updating the calibration curves once a year by using the NIR Evolution.

To access the NIR Evolution software a web connection is required. NIR Evolution is included in the Quality Upgrade Pack of your NIR analyzer.
The Quality Upgrade Pack is a 12-month extendable service included in the purchase price of every Dinamica Generale NIR analyzer.

What should I know about the Quality Upgrade Pack?

The subscription to the Quality Upgrade Pack (QUP) brings exclusive benefits for a period of 12 months from the date of activation.

At the end of the 12-month coverage, the QUP can be renewed for another 12 months or more.

If the QUP is not renewed, access to the NIR Evolution software will be suspended and users will no longer receive the benefits below.

Key values

Quick and safe access to calibration curves updates

Quick and safe access to calibration curves updates

NIR Evolution controls that your analyzer is using the latest calibrations available and provides users with new calibrations updates. This will turn into better prediction accuracy and greater effectiveness from your time on-farm or in field.
Reliable predictions turn into accurate analysis

Reliable predictions turn into accurate analysis

Using NIR Evolution improves the prediction performance of your NIR analyzer since the first use through the initial verification procedure. The constant monitoring provided by NIR Evolution allows to keep the accuracy of your daily analyzes at the highest possible level.
Save time and money

Save time and money

By gaining control over sampling and predictions, nutrients analysis becomes more efficient. This means no more time-consuming for lab analysis, no more lost documents, less costs.

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