Field Scale App

FIELD Scale App: weighing tracking mobile application

Field scale is a tablet and smartphone-based app that records and tracks weighing of harvested grain and forage. The Field scale app wirelessly communicates with the Field trace Cloud software to let farmers and contractor’s record weight, GPS location, date and time of each load and track loads from field to truck to destination

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Key Values

Automatic Unload Detection

Automatic Unload Detection

Field scale app automatically detects and records how much grain has been loaded to the grain cart or unloaded from the grain cart.
Manage Data

Manage Data

Field scale makes editing customers, fields, farms, crops, operators, machines etc.. The customer just pick what he needs to track the process.
Data Sharing with Field Trace

Data Sharing with Field Trace

Harvest data are automatically synced with Field trace cloud software*

* the tablet must include the SIM card. Check before the mobile data plan of your mobile

Field track is available for grain cart and forage trailer

Field track is available for grain cart and forage trailer

FieldScale app allows farmers and contractors to monitor the complete grain harvest process: Recording how much grain has unloaded from combines into grain carts, trucks, grain elevators
Tracking how much forage has unloaded from forage harvester into trailers, trucks, farms ...
Production traceability
Evaluating total harvesting income/expenses
Knowledge of mean values for valuable grain contituents (available for FieldScale connected with EvoNIR analyzer)

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