Toaiar Saggiorato is a company based in Bovolone in the lower part of Verona, Italy, which stands out for its quality, professionalism and innovation and is on the market as a subcontractor in the agricultural field, with a particular focus on the production of forage and silage in vacuum bales through Orkel's Dens-X ensilage machine.

Dens-X which installs the Dinamica Generale analyzer's, EVONIR, for real-time analysis during field work. The analysis of bales nowadays is of paramount importance, thanks to the EVONIR sensor it is possible to analyze the moisture and nutrients of each bale, by doing so it is possible to improve animal nutrition or in the bale trade, on the other hand, it proves to be an equally important tool in order to give extremely important information about the material being sold or bought.

EVONIR for real-time NIR analysis during field operations predicts not only dry matter but also crude protein, starch, ash, fiber (ADF/NDF), which are important nutrients for feeding purposes. The analyzer is suitable for every brand, and provides fast and accurate measurements directly in the field. 
In addition, due to the flexibility of the sensor, it is possible to display data both on virtual terminals and on the Field Track App, developed by Dinamica Generale. The app empowers breeders, farmers and contractors to monitor the information generated directly in the field and communicates wirelessly with the Field Trace cloud-based software, which makes it easy to monitor and analyze all activities on the farm.

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