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Front LoaderFront Loader
Pegasus Trace is a local software that records all weighing operations of loaders thus providing reports and charts to evaluate efficiency, profits and savings get a quote
  • Software interface created from a web browser page
  • Higher Database Performance => MS SQL Server, without storage limits (No Historical Data Management needed to guarantee high performance on the Historical retrieval of Loads / Unloads)
  • Multi User platform: Pegasus Trace Software can be installed on a PC while the usage of the platform can be shared by several PC on the same LAN
  • Multi windows view: Pegasus Trace Software can be opened on different windows at the same time on the same PC
  • PDF Reports and XLS data export available from each software sections (Customer / Components / Historical data / etc)
  • Customized reports available
  • Pegasus Trace Software auto setting of default language (based on Windows language)
  • Automatic data Transfer installation: Cable drivers and automatic detection of the COM port.
  • Work more efficiently, profitably and safely
From fleet monitoring and management, to production and weighing measurement, to operator control, Pegasus Trace Software helps operations of all sizes and types gain productivity
  • Stay organized, save time
Perform multiple controls in the same spot – total weight loaded, quantity of material handled, overloads, amount of trips done by each loader etc…
  • Make your daily routine more effective
Material overruns. Rework. Idle time. Pegasus Trace Software helps you drive down these costs by minimizing waste, errors, wear, equipment damage and more

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