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Pegasus Trace is a local software that records all weighing operations of loaders thus providing reports and charts to evaluate efficiency, profits and savings I need an offer I want to know more
  • Software interface created from a web browser page
  • Higher Database Performance => MS SQL Server, without storage limits (No Historical Data Management needed to guarantee high performance on the Historical retrieval of Loads / Unloads)
  • Multi User platform: Pegasus Trace Software can be installed on a PC while the usage of the platform can be shared by several PC on the same LAN
  • Multi windows view: Pegasus Trace Software can be opened on different windows at the same time on the same PC
  • PDF Reports and XLS data export available from each software sections (Customer / Components / Historical data / etc)
  • Customized reports available
  • Pegasus Trace Software auto setting of default language (based on Windows language)
  • Automatic data Transfer installation: Cable drivers and automatic detection of the COM port.
  • Quick and safe access to weighing data
DINA 3 Office Pack can easily be installed on the pc where all vehicle weighing data can be safely transferred via the USB key from DINA 3 Axle Weighing system
  • Simple and reliable
Managing several vehicle data per each customer, assign different drivers for each customer; manage vehicle database, etc…
  • Make your daily routine more effective
Stop carrying your notebook to the scale and get the weight information you need on the pc. DINA 3 Office Pack reduces time-consuming operations for registering vehicles

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