Certification for gender equality


Dinamica Generale, a company based in Poggio Rusco, is a technological excellence that excels in innovation in both the precision agriculture and biomedical fields. Operating worldwide through subsidiaries and representative offices, Dinamica Generale designs and markets cutting-edge technologies for the agricultural world, working to optimize resources and improve sustainability in food production. At the same time, the company is working in the biomedical sector, where it applies technological expertise to promote advanced healthcare solutions. Dinamica Generale is the synthesis of a futuristic vision, where technology merges with wellness, redefining the boundaries of both sectors.
Always looking out for the needs of the local community, Dinamica Generale is one of the first companies in the area to obtain certification for gender equality, a crucial goal for promoting a fair and inclusive society. 
Recognizing the importance of this principle, our company recently obtained Gender Equality Certification, following the guidelines of the UNI PdR 125/2022 reference practice, demonstrating its commitment to a work environment that values and respects diversity. Our awareness regarding the Agenda 2030 theme has prompted us to pursue the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), taking the first real step on goal number 5, related to Gender Equality.
The process of obtaining gender equality certification was a challenging but significant journey that took about a year. Dinamica Generale carefully analyzed existing policies, implemented new ones, and took concrete steps to ensure equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of gender. This involved reviewing hiring practices, monitoring the fairness of payroll at the same job level, developing gender awareness training programs and promoting an inclusive work environment, fighting all forms of discrimination, violence and bullying. 

The certification obtained reflects a commitment to creating company policies that actively promote gender equality. This includes eliminating gender-based wage disparities, promoting equitable career paths, and creating a work environment that fosters diversity and inclusion.
The goal is that this certification will have a significant impact on corporate culture and that all corporate staff can feel motivated and inspired knowing that they are part of an organization that is actively committed to social sustainability. In addition, the different perspectives and skills that emerge from an equitable work environment will benefit the company's creativity and innovation.
For Dinamica Generale, this is not an achievement but a starting point for an ongoing commitment to maintain high standards of fairness and equality. Gender equality is a goal that can enrich the entire company, making it an example of excellence in promoting ethical and progressive values.
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