Weighing scales and complete feed management programs

Monitoring the quality of feed enhances animal wellness and productivity and maximizes profitability


Monitoring the quality of feed enhances animal wellness and productivity and maximizes profitability. Dinamica Generale understood this 30 years ago when the company begun producing its first weighing scale for feed mixers.

The long-standing technical knowledge built up over the years has enabled Dinamica Generale to follow and implement complex and customized projects for specific market needs. Dinamica Generale is the only company who offers cloud-based, easy-to-use yet affordable feed management programs that fit every level of customer needs. The cloud software developed in house is linked to several products, such as its weighing scales and NIR analyzers. The cloud environment of Dinamica Generale is also connected to a vast range of third party cloud platforms to simplify and further enhance daily customers’ job.

Adopting precision feeding technology is the starting point for each and every farmers who are aiming to succeed. 
Today, Dinamica Generale as a market leader in feed monitoring technology has ushered in new and innovative products and programs that increase overall farm efficiency as well as the traceability from field to harvest to the table.
How to increase the productivity of your farm?

Founded in 1990, Dinamica Generale is recognized as a leading global manufacturer of weighing systems, scales, load cells, NIR analyzers for forage, grain and slurry installed on various equipment. With production plants located in Italy and in the USA, three subsidiaries in Ukraine, China and India, the company’s impact on the market is far reaching. 

Dinamica Generale is also considered a pioneer in NIR technology development for more than 15 years that guarantee full traceability from the soil fertilization, up to harvesting and the distribution of animals’ feed rations. Harvesting at the right time and with the right dry matter allows for better quality silage production, which results in higher quality rations for cows, decreased feed costs and increased profitability. In addition, the NIR technology applied to machines running in field provides real-time field quality mapping. This allows bottom line for consistent daily rations, increase milk production, overall animal health and high quality of products such a milk and cheese.
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