Dinamica Generale load cells

high accuracy and reliability


The heart of any weighing system is the load cell. Load cells are highly accurate sensors that convert mechanical forces into electrical output signals. 
Dinamica Generale knows how to deal with load cells since the early nineties, when the Italian company started back the production of load cells for agricultural, industrial and medical applications worldwide. 
Today, with a broaden experience gained over the last 30 years, Dinamica Generale load cell production facility manufactures approximately 100,000 units per year. 

Maximum Application Flexibility

Dinamica Generale manufactures weighing sensors for feed mixer manufacturers, grain carts, forage wagons, and wheel loaders to name but a few. Our production facility produces the highest-rated agriculture weighing equipment available to farmers today, but is also capable of creating completely custom solutions for any complex technical challenges.
Our team of experienced engineers and production specialists design and manufacture top ranking agriculture weighing scales, load cells, and weight indicators. In addition, our dedicated line of weighing sensors for medical applications are by far one of our top selling weighing system. 
All of our weigh modules come equipped with cables that are designed to resist outdoor weather conditions from harsh and dust environment up to wet and cold conditions.
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Reliable Construction

Creating customer value is top of mind for Dinamica Generale. In line with this goal, several improvements have been applied throughout the years from the lean production facility aimed at maximizing performance, to the improved design, construction and control throughout the cycle of production from design to delivery.
We produce a full range of load cells, including mobile load cells, pin load cells, spindle and flat type load cells, strain sensors and pressure transducers, all of which are produced to last. In fact, the largest amount of our sensors are still operating flawlessly in the field, even after ten years of use.

Production Testing

Robustness and long-term reliability of load cells is of paramount importance for our customers worldwide. This is why each and every Dinamica Generale load cell undergoes many accuracy tests followed by stress tests prior to production completion. These standard procedures help prevent product defect before they arise and at the same time build trust and loyalty with customers.
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