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Programmable weight indicator structured and demanding farms I need an offer I want to know more
  • The right indicator for precision feeding application that enables farmers to:
    - simply manage operators
  • - control working time and costs automatically
  • Flexible in use to adapt to any weighing tasks
  • Highly versatile for a full connectivity and compatibility with many peripheral technologies (NIR analyzers, distribution tracking systems, TMR quality control device etc..)
All features of DG8000 plus:

Specific DG8000-IC features:
  • Recipe formulation based on daily dry matter intake for each pen
  • Premix management
  • Refusal management by pen
  • Specifically designed for integrating NIR Analyzers
  • Monitoring operators’ labor effectiveness
  • Suitable for automatic feeding plants
  • Compatible with the DTM Daily TMR Manger Software IC version 

Direct connection of load cells to the indicator for universal case only

* Complete protection from dust and water sprinklings, guaranteed in 1 meter of water full immersion with connectors closed by cap or with cables / accessories connected
** Perfect visibility in any weather condition (sunny, cloudy, raining)


Universal case:

Slim case:

Product Features

Display dimensions: 152.4 x 91.5 mm (7" WVGA) ** 
Display Type: Graphical Display WVGA Full Color 16:9 format 800x480
Display visibility: 15 m and more (50 ft) 
Range: 0 – 999.999
Accuracy: < +/- 0.015% f.s.
Ingress Protection: IP 68 *
Power supply: 9.5 – 32 Vdc 
Resolution: 1 – 2 – 5 – 10
Weight: UNIVERSAL CASE:2,5 (5.5 lbs) SLIM CASE:1,9 (4.2 lbs)
Working Temperature: -30 / +65°C (-22 /+150°F)
Case Dimensions: UNIVERSAL CASE:233 x 230 x 112 mm (9.2 x 9.0 x 4.4 inches) SLIM CASE:220 x 190 x 80 mm (8.6 X 7.5 X 3.1 inches)
Case material: Polyamide (PA) 30% glass fiber, noise shielded

Download Technical Sheet

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