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Farm EfficiencyFarm Efficiency
The DTM CORE – Daily TMR Manager IC (Intake Control) version is the most complete feeding management software solution designed for structured and demanding farms  get a quote
Intuitive work interface
Edit recipes by cow number, total weight, percentage  
Edit Ingredients, Diet/Recipe & Distribution Programs  
Edit Diet/Recipe by cow and association between recipes and pens 
Daily multiple rations management and batch management
Track changes of «number of animals» and «total weight» made at indicator
Lists, detailed reports & graphs Lists, detailed reports & graphs
Local and Cloud version available  
Multi-language interface
Online help
USB/Memory card data exchange
Compatible with mobile devices
Feed cost traceability
Control accuracy during TMR preparation & distribution
App with Key Performance Indicators (Cloud version only)
Customization of software interface
Multi-user management (Admin + Users)
Dry Matter Management (automatic)
Stock & reorder point control
WiFi/3G data exchange
Interface with third-party herd management software discover software compatibility
Milk production module for input milk and data/interface  with third-party softwares
Dry matter intake & refusal management
Operator management
Control of operator performance
Integration with all NIR analyzers by Dinamica Generale (X-NIR, AgriNIR, EvoNIR)
Integration with the TAURUS livestock weighing systems  
Track all changes made at indicator  
Schedule process for automatic feed systems
Controlling the real feed quantity distributed to each pen in combination with Distribution Tracking system
Interface with third party ERP software
Monitor feed effiency and IOFC (Income Over Feed Costs)
Premix function

* No %
*1 For TMR preparation phase only


DTM wireless configuration :

IP com:  Additional unit used to link weight indicators and DTMTM on PCs network, based on the Ethernet interface (IP address communication protocol).
Open connectivity device with real time wireless communication.
1 Km AREA COVERAGE extendable with no limit with standard devices

Distribution Tracking

With the aim of improving the efficiency and control of animal feed rations, Dinamica Generale is promoting an electronic device which marks out the material to be discharged in front of each pen through tag system technology that tracks the feed distributed. (Distribution tracking is availble only for DG8000-IC weight indicator)
Indicators’ Compatibility DG8000-IC

  • Track delivered TMR for each pen and keep distribution under control
  • Operator accuracy monitoring for continuous process improvement
  • Delivering the right quantity of TMR means decreasing feed refusal thus reducing feeding costs


Motor Control box

The Motor Control Box is the one-stop solution to control animal feed automation plants.
With the Motor Control Box, driving functions like open the doors, start belts and control material discharge from silos to name but a few, become easier and quicker.

1 AUTOMATIC LOADING PROCESS: The system is designed to control and automatically manage ingredients stocked in silos to get the best possible TMR quality

2 AUTOMATIC DISTRIBUTION PROCESS: The Motor Control Box sets the control of the TMR distribution from the feed mixer right in front of cows. Thanks to the DTM Feeding Management Software, programs can be set directly from the office.

Indicators’ Compatibility: DG8000 | DG8000-IC

  • Efficient automation control during loading and distribution of feeding material within stationary mixing systems
  • Flexible. The system can be set by the customer on the basis of his need
  • Reliable. Automatic control of the entire process without the presence of operators
  • Profitable. Greater accuracy, less waste of material

Weight Transmitter DG-WT

The Weight Transmitter DG-WT is a digital-analog weight transmitter specifically designed for Dinamica Generale weight indicators. Particularly suited for biogas applications, DG-WT can be used in different applications from simple weighing to mixing and filling stations, in conjunction with PLCs, computers or other supervisory systems.

Indicators’ Compatibility DG400 | DG500 | DG600 | DG8000 | DG8000-IC
  • Transmit weight signal from each Dinamica Generale indicator (4-20 mA or 0-10 V, RS232)
  • 3 digital outputs (PWR1,PWR2,PWR3) - 4 analogical outputs
  • Profibus module as option
  • Easy to calibrate
  • High precision
  • Durable compact design


DTM CORE Version Data Management Data Exchange Weight Indicator
IC Cloud Wi-Fi DG8000-IC
3G Modem - USB - Memory Card

Start using your DTM software it's easy: register your software online and get the DTM license activation by the following steps: 
•    Create you profile registering personal data on: www.register.dinamicagenerale.com 
•    Register the product license typing the serial number of your DTM; 
•    Wait for license activation file.


The license subscription (1 year validity) entitles DTM license subscribers to benefit from the following services:

•    DTM software update via the Internet  
•    Direct support by phone or remote access to the PC 
•    App with KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to track feed efficiency and IOFC directly on your smartphone (available for DTM Cloud only) 

The DTM License subscription includes all benefits for a period of 12 months from the License activation date.  At the end of each 12 months coverage, the License subscription is renewable for another 12 months or more. If License is not renewed, for Cloud versions, the usage of software will be suspended and License will no longer receive the benefits described above.
  • Data available where you need it, when you need it.
  • No hardware, no administration, low implementation costs.
  • Managed training services from experienced team delivers rapid deployment.
  • Dedicated support services for all DTM customers. 

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