EvoNIR by Dinamica Generale is now DLG certified for pig slurry.


DLG, the German Agricultural Society, has approved the calibration for total nitrogen (total N) in pig slurry. This is just the beginning of our journey that will add additional nutrients in pig slurry as well as the cattle slurry and biogas liquid digestate.

Dinamica Generale applied the EvoNIR sensor technology to measure nutrient values during slurry application. The system enables farmers applying N precisely based on nutrient target and/or maximum rate in kg/h. The latest DLG test results have confirmed that the sensor works with comparable accuracy to certified laboratories using wet chemical methods.

The system’s continuous analysis, with a complete reading every 20 milliseconds is providing reliable statistical data right in field. Farmers and contractors can now access to real-time quality map in the cab of their slurry tankers thanks to the Field Track Application provided by Dinamica Generale.

The second achievement gained by Dinamica Generale together with New Holland AG at latest edition of Agritechnica in Hannover is the certification of the NIR sensor for forage harvester application. The sensor has been awarded for real-time dry matter measurement during corn harvesting.

The combination between the two certifications led to a new concept of quality traceability among agronomic phases. Given the excellent experience with the EvoNIR system last season, Dinamica Generale has decided to expand its market offering a complete range of NIR solutions to both manufacturer and after-market installations.

Customers who do prefer analyzing slurry during filling operations can also benefit from the same EvoNIR technology. Besides that, Dinamica Generale is also offering stationary analyzers and a fully portable solution, the well-known AgriNIR unit for slurry and forage analyses on the go.

Dinamica Generale is expecting that other nutrients certifications will soon follow. Stay connected!
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