Complaint Management

8D method for claims management

Dinamica Generale uses the 8D claims management system that allows it to quickly and effectively intervene to ensure customer satisfaction and compliance with the requirements.  It is a procedure summarised in eight steps, according to which a team of qualified professionals is always available to accept the claim and to analyse it in order to develop the most appropriate solution.

The primary operations that must be performed in order to collect every problem and face every critical issue are: identify the customer who encountered the problem, where the defect is located and what element is involved, sharing the point of view in all respects. The first solution is of the containment type, focusing on the need to not interrupt the Customer's production while at the same time performing tests and experimentation aimed at finding the real problem. Once the steps needed to resolve the critical issue are identified they must be formalised and planned, identifying the timing for each one.

The method Dinamica Generale uses does not only allow claims management but also intervention in the production process to bring about the necessary changes in order to avoid subsequent recurrence of the same problem.

The content of the analysis is always shared with the customer through the creation and sharing of a detailed report summarising what was done and how the critical issue was overcome.
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