Production and processes

After creating the product design and verifying and validating it, Dinamica Generale can produce the product internally. The definition of the individual production process is structured and designed through the application of process risk management, the definition of the design and the preparation of the production lines and validation of the automatic or semi-automatic production line process using the following protocols: design qualification (DQ), installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ) and performance qualification (PQ).

The production lines are validated using run@rate measurements to verify the process capacity and production lines. All of the production lines are created and designed according to Lean Production standards for production process optimisation and stability.
Various process indicators (for example CP and CPk) are monitored during the production process in order to minimise production rejects and non-compliant products. The production department is internally structured with a final testing department with certified instruments that are capable of high precision measurements of the metrologic characteristics of the measuring systems and to ensure the products maintain their performance over time. The final testing and automatic control instruments are, for the most part, internally produced, thus enabling us to decrease costs, perform timely control and minimise response time to new requirements.

Analysis of the capacity of the production processes
Dinamica Generale uses the technique of method study to precisely and accurately analyse every operation in the production process in order to assess how to optimise all of its actions, eliminating those that lead to excessive waste and limiting any risks of having production rejects or products that do not meet specifications. This allows the identification of the most effective operations in terms of time savings, costs, safety and performance. By adopting this system, Dinamica Generale subjects all phases of each project to constructive risk analysis and, especially, its own method in order to find the safest and most efficient path for each process. The analysed procedures involve:
  • operating methods
  • optimal line layout
  • equipment and automatic tools for final testing
  • adopted methods
  • operating conditions
  • professional training of the staff
Lean Production
Dinamica Generale has been using the lean production system for years, which aims to streamline processes, optimise production and minimise waste. Dinamica Generale's adoption of this process allows the company to offer its customers products that meet not only the strictest qualitative standards but also to adopt the most efficient procedures, thus ensuring the most advantageous relationship between costs, time and benefits.
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