Soil Treatment
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Featuring precise application of plant-protection products enables substantial saving of money and a more sustainable farming. The GeoSystem spraying computer now allows all nozzles to be individually controlled, and operating the sprayer has become even more comfortable thanks to ISOBUS control. get a quote
• In-cab Indicator: GeoSystemRange
• Connecting Box: Driver Box
• Geolocation: GPS antenna
• Valves: Variable Rate Valves
• Sensors: Speed Sensor and Flowmeter
• Data Management: Field Trace Cloud Software    
  • Thanks to the variable rate application and automatic boom section control, crop protection products are distributed only where required
  • Thanks to the GPS navigation support, the fuel consumption as well as the time required to complete the field treatment are dramatically reduced
  • Big data are gathered and analysed by the Field Trace Cloud Software while the seamless connection between the GeoSystem controller and the Cloud platform makes all activities carried out in the field more effective

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