Electronic monitoring systems for intensive care

Client company
A multinational group operating in the biomedical industry contacted Dinamica Generale to build electronic monitoring systems for intensive care.

The client company asked Dinamica Generale to develop and produce an electromedical system to monitor the patient in compliance with CEI EN 60601-1.
The system had to be made up of an electronic device to use in the operating room and be of help to perfusionists.

The device is designed to assist the perfusionist in viewing vital signs in order to provide relevant information in identifying treatments to be performed on the patient.
The monitor must have a series of probes built in that enable the acquisition and treatment, display and archiving of the patient's vital signs.

Probe features
The arterial probe is capable of detecting:
  • blood flow,
  • arterial saturation percentage
  • arterial temperature
The venous probe is capable of detecting:
  • haemoglobin,
  • venous saturation percentage,
  • venous temperature
Adopted solutions
Dinamica Generale took care of the design and development of the equipment, also supporting the customer in preparing the documents that accompany the product and with compliance audits even though the product will be sold under the customer's brand.
In fact, Dinamica Generale produces products for client companies and provides specialised assistance during all development and auditing phases.
Dinamica Generale takes care of the production of the equipment for the client company in compliance with the customer's specifications and regulatory requirements.
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