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Versatile weighing units with differnet capacities (5 t). Compatible with all weight indicators. get a quote
This weighing unit, executed with bolts in STAINLESS STEEL, has been designed to ease the installation of weighing and dosing systems, in tanks, bins and hoppers.
A DG-S load cell executed in stainless steel with IP68 protection class can be paired to each unit.

To ensure the stability of the structure the designer must consider further contrivances according to the following conditions: Wind effect – knocks and vibrations – sismic conditions – hardness of support structure.


Part Number

Capacity / Code
5000 kg / 969-0042


Installation examples

Square system with
4 supporting points.

Circular system with 3
supporting points.

Assembly instructions

1)     Fix the lower plate of unit to the floor using bolts.
2)     Fix the weighing system to upper plate of the unit using bolts.
3)     Connect the weighing units in use to electrical earth, in accordance with all plant design regulations in force.
4)     Take care to avoid accidental overloads of the load cells while assembling the unit.
5)     Be sure that current does not pass through the load cell (while welding, connect the ground clamp to the top of the weighing unit).

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