Control systems for neonatal applications

Dinamica Generale designs and creates the sensors used in neonatology.

Its Research and Development process has allowed Dinamica Generale to create technically complex projects in this field and to transform its experience into a project implementation method.

Based on the requirements defined by the client company, Dinamica Generale is able to identify the fundamental design characteristics of the product, sharing and approving them with the client and providing prototypes for validation in a short period of time. 
Once the prototype phase is complete, tests and design verifications are performed with the customer along with the final examination of the product and preparation of the technical file. 

Dinamica Generale is also able to create the product developed through the assessment of the production phases according to Lean Production logic and using the internally developed tools for processing testing and control in order to ensure effectiveness, efficiency and minimum creation costs.

To provide complete customer support, programmed maintenance operations are defined and planned for the devices.
All Dinamica Generale projects meet the objective of providing complete products, supporting the customer in maintaining the functional characteristics of the device during its entire life cycle, operating safely and in line with current regulations.

Dinamica Generale's experience comes from a genuine need and is expressed in the commitment to be reliable partners and researchers of technological solutions in the medical field.
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