Compounder for mixing pharmaceuticals

Cliente company
A multinational biomedical group, a leader in developing and creating equipment for pharmaceutical mixing contacted Dinamica Generale to create a compounder system for mixing pharmaceuticals.

The client company contacted Dinamica Generale to implement the control system based on the weight check in the compounder, to be used for the preparation of chemotherapy treatments within hospital pharmacies.

Compounder requirements and features
The system requested is a compounder with a full scale of 1000 g, capable of the required dosage accuracy, with a differential of 0.2 g ±10% over the entire range of measurement.  The system must also be compact to accommodate up to 8 independent channels, each one capable of performing daily self-diagnostics in order to guarantee its operation and level of precision between calibration intervals.

Adopted solutions
Based on the needs of the client company and the necessary system requirements, Dinamica Generale developed the requested compounder, also designing a stability algorithm capable of allowing the compounder itself to operate while maintaining the required accuracy within the exhaust hood.
Dinamica Generale also developed a dedicated production line for system assembly and testing in compliance with the customer's specifications and the applicable regulations.
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