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The BLADE Control is an electronic system that controls feed mixers’ blades for improving efficiency of TMR preparation within the mixing tank get a quote
  • Automatic control of blades during TMR mixing
  • Direct Control of 2 solenoid valves that command 2 hydraulic cylinders or more
  • The blade action can be programmed thanks to 3 TIMERS (input time, output time, process time)
  • MASTER valve control


  • The automatic system helps reducing daily operator working time
  • Improved cutting performance of the mixer over time
  • Improved efficiency during TMR preparation
  • The Blade Control can be connected to DG500 and DG600 weight indicators 

Product Features

Cable length:
Blades: 1,5m (4.9 feet) | Power: 1,5m (4.9 feet) | Indicator: 3m (9.8 feet)
Power supply: 12Vdc

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