Какова точность AgriNIR и почему необходимы регулярные измерения сухого вещества в корме?

Our AgriNIRTM analysis equipment has a 2% accuracy on moisture and 3% on all the other parameters (STARCH, CRUDE PROTEIN, ASH, ADF and NDF) while traditional laboratory analysis equipment can guarantee an accuracy that is 1,5% for moisture and 2% for all the other parameters.

As a matter of fact, variability of Dry matter during the time on feedstuff is an important factor to be considered. It depends on the feedstuff and the weather, but we have measured even changes equal to 15/20% in two weeks time. From the mathematical point of view it is quite easy to demonstrate that many analysis that are less accurate, but with an immediate response, can enable to decrease the feeding errors if compared with less frequent analysis having more accurate values.
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