Можно ли напечатать данные от весового микрокомпьютера на принтере DG? Требуется ли для этого дополнительное оборудование (адаптер, переходник, и т.д.)?

There are two possible ways for printing the information and data during or after the weighing sessions:
a) It is possible to print one ticket directly from your indicator, where will be contained all the data about the loading and unloading executions, information about the net weight, about the gross weight and the tare, about the components, …
For this reason, our indicators are equipped with printer, which perfectly suits any necessities of printing tickets in any moment and for any type of case.
b) It is possible to print information or data directly coming from the DTMTM program, wherever you are using it, if a printer is connected to your PC. In this way it is possible to print any type of information and data, having the possibility of storing the working sessions and the results also on the paper.
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