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SMART Control è un dispositivo per la gestione integrata delle funzioni idrauliche e di pesatura.
Sistema di pesatura senza fili e controllo delle funzioni idrauliche.
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  • Highly customizable solution in terms of functions and graphic design to fit every customer’s needs
  • All Scale Weighing Functionality - in the palm of your hand
  • All Hydraulic Functionality - at the touch of your fingertips
  • Portable device
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Functions management: settings, parameter status, warning and alarms
  • Easy and immediate setting, data stored and exported via USB
  • Wireless connection
  • User friendly interface
  • Safety alarms settings
  • Color display for high visibility
  • Waterproof
  • Great flexibility during loading and feed out
  • Higher operators’ safety thanks to:
    • Acoustic warnings 
    • Emergency button to stop the machine
  • Three working modes:
    • Weighing 
    • Hydraulic
    • Combined (weighing and Hydraulic)
  • Programmable weighing system:
    • 99 recipes (max 24 components) 
    • 48 distribution programs (48 distribution points/pens each)
    • Choice of components from a list of 99
  • Choice of distribution points from a list of 64
  • Compatible with the DTM – Daily TMR Manager Software
  • Service function with working hour and overload counter
  • Internal diagnostic
Hydraulic management:
  • Automatic door opening and closing  
  • Hydraulic jack activation
  • Discharging belt activation
  • Belt speed adjustment  

Smart i-CON Cloud Software

All functions controlled by the Smart Control can be easily programmed thanks to the Smart i-Con software, a specific cloud tool designed for configuring your device by simply drag and drop functions that suit your needs. The custom configuration is transferred from Smart i-CON to Smart Control via USB stick


Caratteristiche Prodotto

Dimensioni del Display: 4.3”
Display Type: LCD a colori, HD
Outputs: 24 Solenoid Valve Outputs
Memory: Flash 8Mb RAM 2Mbyte
Interface: RS232, RS485, CAN BUS, USB, Xbee
Protezione:  IP 6X
Power supply: 9.5 – 32 Vdc
Consumption​: 300mA @ 9V
Weight: 0,400 kg (0.88 lbs)
Working Temperature: -20 / +50°C
Case Dimensions: 210mm - 95mm - 36mm (L x H x D)
Case material: PC-ABS V0

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