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Il controllo motore, insieme all’indicatore Top Scale, consente a una serie di contatti relè di essere attivati dalle componenti, dal punto di scarico del programma di esecuzione o da alcuni processi di distribuzione. Con questi contatti è possibile guidare un motore ottenendo l’avvio automatico di alcune funzioni come l’apertura di una porta, il movimento del nastro e così via. Richiedo offerta Desidero saperne di più
  • Efficient automation control during loading and distribution of feeding material within stationary mixing systems
  • Flexible. The system can be set by the customer on the basis of his need
  • Reliable. Automatic control of the entire process without the presence of operators
  • Profitable. Greater accuracy, less waste of material 
  • The system finds its main application in the stationary mixer applications where a full automation is required
  • The Motor Control Box unit is applied for:
    The system controls ingredient discharging phase from silos into feed mixers to achieve the best possible TMR quality
    The Motor Control Box sets the control of the TMR distribution phase from the feed mixer right in front of cows. Thanks to the DTM   
    Feeding Management Software, programs can be set directly from the office.
    All relays are independent and normally give open or close contacts
  • A LED in parallel with every relays indicates when the driving is activated.
  • The system is compatibale with 2 dinamica generale software:
    • DTMTM Daily TMR Manager to set feeding programs in the office and transfer them to the weight indicator via memory cards or wirelessly.
    • DG-Scheduler to set starting time for each program, transfer it to the weight indicator via the memory card to make the system is FULLY AUTOMATED.


Caratteristiche Prodotto

Case Dimensions: 250 x 196 x 75 mm (9,8 x 7,7 x 3 inches)
Power supply: Directly from the weight indicator Vdc
Case material: Policarbonate
Protezione:  IP 56
Working Temperature: -20 / +60°C (-4 / +140°F)
Weight: 500 gr (1.1 lbs)
Load tolerable by relay contacts: 2 A - 125 VA (max)
Outputs: 2 banks, 8 outputs each

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