FIELD TRACK: real time NIR mapping

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FIELD TRACK: real time NIR mapping
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Field track is a tablet and smart-phone based app for in-cab real-time crop quality mapping. Available for combine, forage harvester and slurry tanker application, the Field track app is mounted in the cabin of your machine and wirelessly communicates with the Field trace Cloud software. 

Field track mobile app allows farmers and contractors to analyze information collected in the field to evaluate current practices and improve efficiency for future treatments. 
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  • Real time ingredient analysis 

  • Real time nutrient concentration mapping on Field track app 

  • Standard ISOBUS connection 

  • High speed data exchange 

  • Real time nutrient concentration mapping on Virtual Terminals (with Task Controller) 

  • Reports available in the Field trace software and in the Field track mobile app 

CONFIGURATION 1 - Installation on forage harvesters with Virtual Terminal 


+ Kali Connection Hub 
+ Virtual Terminal 
+ Field trace software

CONFIGURATION 2 - Installation on forage harvesters w/o Virtual Terminal 


+ Kali Connection Hub 
+ Field track App 
+ Field trace software
  • Compare hybrid variety productivity 

  • Forage harvester optimization: adjust cutting lenght and inoculants application based on moisture level 

  • Increase the profit negotiating the price by quality and not only by quantity 

  • Controlling nutrients in fields during harvesting enables to plan ahead specific actions (e.g. fertilization)

  • Measure the value of starch contained in the harvested material enables making a prediction of gas production for biogas plants 

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