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FARMCHEF is a mobile scale in the palm of your hand.
Use it on the front loader during loading phase or either in the cab of the tractor during feed distribution. Connect the FARMCHEF gateway to the DG500 indicator and start using the new FARMCHEF App
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•    Manage up to 48 ingredients
•    Manage the dry matter content of each ingredient
•    No restriction for the number of managed recipes (18 components each)
•    Manage the mixing time
•    Manage up to 48 pens
•    Manage up to 3 daily rations for each pen
•    Manage up to 24 batches (18 rations associated to each pen)
•    The feeding process is based on the creation of batches – load and distribution are managed as single process
•    Efficiency in feed bunk management suggests the lower the refusal, the better. The dairy farmer can trace the weight of feed refused for each pen using the FARMCHEF App
•    Faster and interactive feeding experience
•    Managing rations with maximum flexibility: recipe and pens can be modified before feeding pens. The system enables modifying the database or keeping changes in memory for the current execution
•    Managing load and distribution with maximum flexibility: the order of components and pens can be modified during the execution phase
•    Advanced control features
•    Backing up data to your DG500 indicator lets you enjoy the peace of mind to continue working even if your mobile breakdowns

Product Features

Ingress Protection: IP 68 (with cable connected)
Power supply: Directly from the Indicator Vdc
Weight: 440 gr
Working Temperature: -30 / +60 °C (-22 / +140° F)
Case Dimensions: 58 x 35 x 16 mm (FARMCHEF Gateway)
Case material: Polycarbonate

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