Dennis and Mike Landwehr, The FeedScan™ dg precisionFEEDING System is working well

Dennis and Mike Landwehr of St. Cloud, Minnesota speak about their experience with the FeedScan™ dg precisionFEEDING™ System.
  • “Milk production held strong during this summers heat and heavy rains.” Nutritionist Dan Kouls said that it was remarkable to see the cows hold milk production as well as they had.
  • “Milk components are stable”
  • “Overall herd health is very good even with heat stress”
  • “Refusal rates stay in the limits set by the farm and nutritionists, easier to maintain during summer heat
  • “Several different employees have been doing the feeding and they are hitting the total batch numbers a lot closer”
  • “Nutritionist is feeling comfortable with the precision feeding system and the report he gets”
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