A step ahead in digital animal farming


A step ahead in digital animal farming
Dinamica Generale has signed a partnership agreement with Royal Agrifirm Group. 
Dinamica Generale holds top-ranking positions in weighing and NIR technology in the field of precision feeding and digital animal farming with hundreds of feed mixers installations worldwide. The agreement is the result of a joint effort among Agrifirm, Dinamica Generale and Foderteknik, strategic partner of Dinamica Generale in Denmark. During the week of 29 to 31 October, during the ‘Rundvee & Mechanisatie Vakdagen’ (Cattle & Mechanization Professional Days), the precision feeding solutions will be installed for the first time at four Dutch dairy farms.

Anna Ghiraldi, Project Development Manager at Dinamica Generale underlines: “Real time data acquisition and control is of paramount importance to optimize feeding process. New technologies turns the feed mixer into a connected farm equipment capable of collecting and exchanging big data towards cloud software in real time. The connection between Dinamica Generale and Agrifirm cloud platforms are aiming at supporting dairy farmers by measuring quality and quantitative variations of feed to further optimize rations and being more efficient on a daily basis”

Jonne Twerda, cattle veterinarian and TMR Specialist at Agrifirm, explains: ‘This partnership enables us to match Agrifirm’s feed advice to the definitively loaded quantity and type of feed. This makes it possible to refine the feed advice if necessary and, on the basis of reliable measurements, the livestock farmer can administer the feed even more precisely within his/her specified conditions, such as costs and ration quality. In case of rations that are based on feed concentrates, the question always remains whether the advice provided by the Agrifirm Advisor has been carried out to the letter in terms of the loading sequence, the different feed quantities and the mixing time. Through means of this real-time monitoring, it becomes possible to improve the advice and as such the quality of the rations.’

Dinamica Generale is very proud of this partnership with a market leader as Agrifirm. Main touchpoints between the two companies are the same digital strategy and the innovative Constant Feeding Concept for the TMR (Total Mixed Ration). Roughage from the farm itself is better exploited and with the customer demands of agricultural entrepreneurs as a starting point, a TOP approach was developed by combining and optimising knowledge and products. This way enables Agrifirm creating added value for livestock farmers, and works on furthering its expertise for a sound earnings model for dairy farmers.

For the time being, Dinamica Generale precision feeding solutions will be installed on four feed mixers. Within the first pilot project, data will be linked to Agrifirm’s systems for real-time monitoring. During the ‘Rundvee & Mechanisatie Vakdagen’ in Hardenberg (The Netherlands), Agrifirm will seek contact with dairy farmers who are interested in making use of this new digital application. There is still room for a number of interested parties to participate in the pilot.
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