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The Towing Eye load cell solution is designed to feature accurate weighing performance to diferent machines . 

​The Towing Eye load cell can be factory-mounted or retrofitted onto trailed equipment. It is available in different sizes and communicates with all Dinamica Generale weight indicators.
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  • PTE cables: maximum protection against moisture, flame and temperature (operating temperature -40° C ~ 70° C)
  • High resistant coating (480h salt spray testing)
  • Aluminum protection: strain gauge protected against impact (mobile models)
  • Sealed strain gauges: sealing agent and industrial grade potting compound protect against harsh use in agricultural field
  • Temperature compensation as option
  • IP68 Protection rate 


Forage Wagon, Grain Cart, Trailer, Manure Spreaders and other trailed equipment.


  • Full traceability of each sensor
  • Factory standard pre-calibration and testing procedure
  • Highly Accuracy
  • The application of strain gauge ensures that the hitch certification remains valid

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