Livestock Data Management Software
TAURUS Trace tracks weights at different animal life stages, such as calf, heifer, dry cow, lactating cow etc…providing average gain, even for beef farms. TAURUS Trace is integrated into the DTM IC software for a complete control of both feeding process and animal weight gain. I need an offer I want to know more
  • Weight history
  • Monitor livestock health
  • Quick, easy and accurate weight monitoring thanks to EID/VID management
  • Full data collection and traceability
  • Graphics and statistics enable tracking the situation of each animal or the entire herd
  • Stop carrying your notebook to the scale and still get the weight information you need for performance assessments and management decisions
  • Having all your animal’s weight events in a single software gives you the information needed to adjust feeding and other management strategies to ensure optimal body condition scores
  • Know precisely which animals are reaching their goal weights – and which are lagging behind.

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