Livestock Weight Monitoring
The most advanced weighing system for producers looking to increase farm effectiveness and profits.  I need an offer I want to know more
  • Track performance of groups such as minimum or maximum weight, average weight, total weight and trace each and every animal ID. Up to 10 groups can be created
  • Auto-zero: The Taurus system performs the automatic tare based on variable weight thresholds set on the basis of the type of animal to be weighed.
  • Alerts: Pre-loaded sound alert indicates when the target weight has achieved without looking at the indicator
  • Calibration preset: Calibration fine-tuning according to the type of animal to be weighed. Animals can be sorted into 6 groups (0-50kg, 50-100kg, 100-200kg, 200-500kg, 500-1000kg, >1000kg)
  • On-screen information: After every weighing session, the display shows as follows: animal ID, group ID, type of animal, daily growth rate, weighing quality index. 
  • Quick and accurate weight monitoring thanks to EID/ VID management
  • Compatible with the Taurus Trace Livestock  Data Management
  • Full data collection and traceability
  • Average daily weight gain:
    • Per animal: after every weight read, the Taurus indicator shows the daily weight gain per each animal
    • Per group: set percentage thresholds to control that the average daily weight gain of the group is within preset values
  • Amount management:
    • accumulation of successive weighing
    • number of animals
    • average weight
    • maximum and minimum thresholds.  
  • Multi accessories port for EID readers, remote display, printer
  • No. 1 Taurus 50 indicator
  • No. 2 weighing bars
  • No. 1 power supply
  • No. 2 sensor cables
  • No. 1 power cable.
  • No. 1 Taurus Trace Software
  • Load cell kit
  • Wired load cell Kit 
  • Weigh bars kit (80 cm) 
  • Weigh bars kit (120 cm)
  • EID Reader
  • Remote Display 
  • Gate Drivers ( not availble for TAURUS 70)



* Complete protection from dust and water sprinklings, guaranteed in 1 meter of water full immersion with connectors closed by cap or with cables / accessories connected
** Perfect visibility in any weather condition (sunny, cloudy, rainy, snow)


  • Optimized working time and less stress for animal thanks to Walk-Through Weighing System (Dynamic Mode)
  • Monitor livestock health
  • Evaluate weight performance for genetic selection
  • Flexible and suitable for all type of animals (cattle, sheep, deer, horses, goats and buffalos)
  • Increase profitability
  • Rapid improvement in reproductive efficiency
  • Improve first lactation production
  • Establish true breeding value of cows
  • Disease prevention with reduction of veterinary costs
  • Select animals by weight for sale and slaughter
  • Lower environmental impact 

Product Features

Display visibility:  > 5m
Range: 0 – 999.999 f.s.
Ingress Protection: IP 68 *
Display dimensions: 218 x 203 x 125(mm)
Display Type: Backlighted Graphic LCD display 
Accuracy: < +/- 0.015% f.s.
Power supply: 9.5 – 32 Vdc
Weight: ~2500 (gr)
Working Temperature: -30 / +70°C (-22 / +158 °F)
Case material: Polyamide with glass fiber V0
Weighing Bar: 800 x 100 x 100 mm (for a System TOTAL capacity of 2000 Kg)
Resolution: 1 – 2 – 5 – 10 

Download Technical Sheet

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