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The EvoNIR analyzer is mounted on the milling head of self-propelled feed mixers or in the tank of trailed feed mixers.
During loading phase of ingredients, the EvoNIR measures in real time the value of moisture and key nutrients of each ingredient. 
The system automatically recalculates the weight of ingredients thus ensuring the ration delivered matches the daily feed ration calculated by the nutritionist (for self-propelled feed mixer application).
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  • The analysis taken by the EvoNIR is transferred to the indicator that automatically adjusts the target weight for each ingredient loaded based upon real time measure of dry matter (for self-propelled feed mixers).
  • The sensor is pre-loaded with NIR calibration curves for 7 ingredients 
  • NIR Evolution Software: provided as standard with the purchase of each and every portable NIR analyzer enables: 
        ◦ initial verification of your NIR device. 
        ◦ keeping your analyzer always up-to-date (update of calibrations and firmware). 
        ◦ reliable predictions thanks to the constant alignment between your NIR analyzer and test lab 
  • EvoNIR can be associated to Feedelio 8000IC KIT


EvoNIR for Self-Propelled and Trailed Feed Mixers

* The degree of accuracy depends upon the availability of prediction models for each product, on‐site verification of the instrument, use of the NIR Evolution Cloud Software (DRN 985‐0139)
Providing always consistent rations means:
  • Increasing the amount of milk produced
  • Improving milk quality
  • Increasing the level of fat and protein in the milk
Daily ration management contributes to:
  • Minimizing the amount of waste 
  • Keep balanced and constant nutritional values for each ration
Providing nutritionists with remote access to the DTM™- Daily TMR Manager Software to constant monitoring the feeding process and take corrective actions when required 

Quick return on investments (On average, farmers have seen payback from their system in as little as six months)

Never wait for moisture tests or lab results 

Never second -guess over- or under-feeding your animals

Have greater control over weather events

Product Features

Ingress Protection: IP 67
Accuracy: Moisture: 2%*
ADF, NDF, Starch, Ash, Crude Fat: 3%
Power supply: 12 – 32 Vdc
Weight: 9 kg (20 lbs)
Working Temperature: -15 ÷ +50° C (5° ÷ 122° F) 
Case Dimensions: 320 x 210 x 166 mm (12.6 x 8.3 x 6.5 inches)
Case material: AISI 304

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